The Path of Choice and the Realms that Follow | MILKFISH

A limited-edition triptych exclusive to MILKFISH and created by accomplished tattoo artist Mattijs Burger that taps into the vein of Renaissance religious symbolism while updating it with whimsical irreverence. 'Crossroad' in isolation depicts humanity in the corporeal plane in which we toil, and the choices we make in the face of virtue and iniquity. It is not only until we transcend this plane and step back that the complete picture is revealed to us: The dichotomy of the afterlife, and, ultimately, the side into which we have inevitably condemned or salvaged ourselves.

Printed on fine-art archival and light-resistant, 200-gsm cotton A3 paper | May be purchased individually or as a whole triptych | Ships globally.

Ships from SEP 12 '22