Report: MILKFISH Launch Exhibition

HERE: Art Exhibition

November 16, 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands (November 12, 2021) - Art and tech crowds gathered in Sarphatipark to celebrate the launch of MILKFISH, a new online art platform. The launch party coincided with the opening night of its inaugural art exhibition, entitled HERE, in a pop-up gallery which ran from November 12-15.

A diverse selection of artists and art

The exhibit featured four emerging artists as part of the initial roster of the online platform. Tim Breukers, a past Rijksakademie fellow, has completed residencies in prestigious institutions in the Netherlands, South Korea, and India and has had works inducted into notable private and public collections. For MILKFISH, he showcased new large and small clay and ceramic sculptures. Artist duo DAY Collective are multidisciplinary artists who explore relations between people and their environment. The show highlighted a collection of ethereal drawings and soft sculptures from their series Stories of Matter. Select pieces from the series are now exclusively available on MILKFISH. Lastly, Youri Alvites, is a Dutch artist who has built a career as a graphic designer for popular publications and is now expanding into fine arts. This influence is deftly illustrated through the vivid and punchy compositions in his paintings and drawings that are now also available on the platform.

The modern way for collectors

MILKFISH is an online art platform founded by Tiffany Salud, a former Uber analyst for Asia-Pacific and Europe. It sits at the intersection of Internet tech and art, the first of its kind. It envisions to liberate the practice of procuring art among upwardly-mobile young collectors, as well as provide promising, emerging artists with a platform to connect to a wider audience.