Trotseren zonder masker 2 (Defy without a mask 2) by Bart Pols | MILKFISH

Bart Pols

Trotseren zonder masker 2 (Defy without a mask 2)

Tile and ceramic sculpture
25.00 x 21.00 x 18.00 cm
2.67 kg

€ 640.00

This sculpture, with its cartoonish feet and the absurd displacement of the body for a tile, for me resembles the clown. I am fascinated by the cliché of the tragedy behind the clown, the sad face behind the mask. In this work, which is based on the former work ‘Trotseren zonder masker (Defy without a mask), I tried to investigate both humor and tragedy, as I did in the original. But where the original work also questioned the relationships between balance and fragility, and concealment and revealing - a heavy pallet quite literally balancing on fragile ceramic shoes, and a funnel, symbolic for the fool, concealed, yet present - in this particular work I tried to put the emphasis on the humor with its seriousness concealed behind it and on the balance between crafts and deskilling: Traditional sculpting on one hand and a flirtation with amateurism on the other. ******** This piece will be on exhibit until June, and shall be shipped at the end of June.

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